Container transport

Moving floor

Moving floor is a special trailer which contains hydraulic floor system. This trailer is specified for the transport of the powdery matters but it can also carry the palettes´ load. The loading proceeds from above or from the back on the sliding plates. In the trailer is possible to transfer these commodities:

  • Sawdust
  • Tiny steel trash
  • Agricultural and indusrial goods
  • Palettes´load till the capacity 100cbm.

Doprava kontejnerovými vozidly s vlekem

We carry on the transport with vehicles like Man and Volvo of these materials:

  • Trash and recyclable goods
  • Powdery material
  • Bulding brush
  • Stones, fragments etc…

The lease and the placement of the container (different capacity or container with tarpaulin) is as a commonplace..

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